Yelp Ads Monthly Performance Report

May 2022

Reputation Summary

143 Total Reviews

Your budget for the month was set at $2000. This is the same budget used the previous month. The Top-5 Competitors for your area/industry average 223 reviews.

8 New Reviews

Your Yelp profile generated 8 total, published new reviews this month. This is 3 more than our target of 5/month and does not include filtered reviews.

65 Filtered Reviews

Currently your business profile has 45% of their customer reviews filtered (aka. "not recommended")

There are many reason Yelp filters reviews. Read more here.

Advertising Summary

$2000 Budget

Your budget for the month was set at $2000. This is the same budget used the previous month.

55 Customer Leads

Your Yelp profile generated 55 total customer leads* last month. This includes both paid and free listings.

40 Ad-Driven Leads

Of the 55 Total Customer leads your profile received, 28 came from ads. In other words 51% of your leads were from ads.

$26.32 Avg Cost/Click

The average cost per ad click. This was $2.53 cheaper than the previous month.

Profile Information

Average Review Star Ratings
Your Score: 4.7 stars

Potential customers rely on reviews to decide which company they will use. Having as close to a 5-star rating as possible will make customers much more likely to choose your service among the many options.

Profile Completeness
Your Score: 84%

Having a more complete profile shows potential customers and Yelp that you care about maintaining your business and providing the most information possible to guests about what they can expect from your services.

Current Response Time
Your Score: 2 Hours

Replying quickly to quote requests results in a lower "response time" on your Yelp profile. Potential customers will see this and be more likely to contact you. Ideally this number should be "about 10 minutes".

The Data

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Published Reviews





Total Appearances in Search





Total User Views





Ad-Driven User Views





% User Views From Ad Clicks





% User Views Organic





% View lead to Conversion





Ad Driven Quote Requests





Call Tracking

Total # of Calls Tracked = 23

Yelp offers the ability to track calls to your business profile. Here you'll find the total number of calls for both organic and paid ads.

Mobile Calls = 15

Many customers use the Yelp app to research and contact businesses. Here you will see the total number of phone calls from mobile devices.

Average Call Duration = 6.5 minutes

Average call duration is an important metric for many businesses as the longer the call, the more likely it resulted in a conversion or sale.

How Does Yelp Define a Lead?

Clicks to Website

The number of visits your website received from your Yelp Profile or Ad.

Mobile Calls

The number cellular phone calls you received from your Yelp Profile or Ad.

Directions & Map Views

The number of times a potential customer requested directions to your business.

Yelp Bookmarks

The number of times a potential customer bookmarked your listing for future use.

Mobile Check-ins

The number of redemptions from your "mobile check-in" offer (if applicable).

User Uploaded Photos

The number of photos your customers uploaded to your profile.

Total Call to Action Clicks

If running a customer CTA on an enhanced profile, this will be the number of times that CTA was used.

Desktop Call to Action Clicks

Yelp keeps track of the total volume of call-to-action clicks that occur on desktop computers.

Mobile Call to Action Clicks

Yelp keeps track of the total volume of call-to-action clicks that occur on mobile devices.

Request a Quote - messages

Customers can message your business to receive more information and a quote.

Your Benefits by Working with a Yelp Partner

Working with a Yelp Certified Agency Partner such as Circulation Studio has its benefits.

You are currently saving an extra $240 by working with Circulation Studio.

You are receiving these profile enhancements free:

  • $120 Enhanced Profile/Highlights
  • $30 Verified License
  • $30 Logos
  • $60 Portfolios


By working with a certified Yelp Partner you have access to exclusive agency discounts and promotions. See the details of your current promotions on the left.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Yelp Partners are given access to advanced tracking features. A Certified Yelp Partner can tell you:

  • Segment your Paid versus Organic profile performance and leads.
  • Install UTM tracking codes on your profile for enhanced tracking.
  • Provide detailed metrics.
  • Install a profile video.

No Sales Calls

The Yelp sales team should no longer be contacting your organization directly. They work directly with us, and we work directly with an agency rep.

Agency Expertise

We have been working directly with Yelp and our Clients for years, handling many ads campaigns and business profiles. You can be sure that we are fully maximizing all the available tools and that your business profile will be fully optimized.

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