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Hand-Checked Yelp Rank Reports

Yelp rank tracking is for any business owner or marketing agency who relies on Yelp for leads and sales. Why let your hard-earned five-star review rating and pimped-out profile toil on 3rd or 4th page of Yelp?

If your business relies on Yelp for customers, don't be in the dark about your Yelp Rankings.

Find out exactly where your business ranks in Yelp's organic search results with our reports.

Easy to Understand and Affordable

No complicated graphs or steep learning curve. Our reports are simple and easily understood!

Completely FREE (for a limited time)

For the time being, we are launching this service for free to gauge interest and understand the need

100% Manually Checked Ranking Reports

Our team manually confirms every Yelp Ranking position. To ensure the rankings are accurate

Why is it important to rank well on Yelp?

For many business owners, having a strong Yelp ranking is essential because it can greatly affect the sales and performance of their business. Competition online is steep and a company's exposure on Yelp can be greatly boosted by a high ranking, increasing the likelihood that local consumers will find it when looking for goods or services in their neighborhood. And more customers, mean "more reviews" and more reviews mean "more customers". If your business is buried on the third or fourth page of the Yelp search rankings results, then you're unlikely to gain anything from managing your profile or generating reviews.

By signing up for Circulation Studio's new Yelp Rank Tracking Tool, your business can take the first step towards taking control of its profile on Yelp and creating a successful cycle of new customers, more online reviews, and ultimately - more sales.

How can Rank Tracking in Yelp Help?

Knowing how your business stands on Yelp can provide you with a ton of competitive advantages. Here we'll list just a few:

  1. Visibility and Sales - A high Yelp search results position can help a business become more visible, increasing the likelihood that prospective customers will find it when looking for goods or services in their neighborhood.
  2. Trust - A high-ranking Yelp profile instills trust in customers. Be seen as a stable business that both customers and Yelp itself trusts to service your industry. As a result, the company may see growth and higher revenues.
  3. Troubleshooting - Did one of your employees or customers upload a terrible photo that is taking your profile's click-through rate? Was the primary category accidentally changed or did you receive a slew of bad reviews? Is something just outright broken? By tracking your Yelp rankings you use ranking dips to troubleshoot your profile's performance.
  4. Competitive Advantage - By keeping an eye on their Yelp rankings, business owners may stay one step ahead of them and spot areas where they might be outperforming them. They can use this knowledge to inform their decisions in order to grow their company and beat out the competitors.
  5. Increased Credibility - A high Yelp ranking can boost a company's credibility and trust since prospective customers are more likely to perceive a company favorably if they see positive customer feedback and a high ranking on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Yelp Rank Tracker

Q: The reports are... Free?

Yes, it's free... for now. This is a new service of ours and we are offering these reports for free to gauge interest and refine the reports. This will only last for a limited time. Eventually, we will offer this at an affordable, monthly rate (between $25-50 per month). But for now, enjoy the free report. Understand the rankings at no cost.

Q: But don't Yelp Rank Tracking results vary by location?

Unlike Google's complicated personalized search results which might vary by location and behavioral signals, Yelp rankings remain consistent whether you're searching for a "plumber" in Minneapolis from a location in Tucson, in Minneapolis or from a computer in Sarasota, FL. You can be sure that our Yelp rankings reports are going to represent what your average web surfer sees when the search from any location, any computer.

That said, Sponsored Results (the paid ads) positions do change with nearly every search. For rank-tracking services that include paid ads, we track the number of sponsored results that are displayed for a given search, not the position. This will tell you how much search real estate is being taken up by paid results and allow you to make an educated decision on your Yelp paid vs organic strategy.

Q: Will this service increase my organic Yelp ranking?

Nope. This service is for Yelp Rank Tracking only and will not provide any insights into how to actually rank in the top position on Yelp. To do that you will need to improve your review count and average review rating, create compelling offers and appealing profile photos, click-worthy calls-to-action and improve the click-through rate of your listing in general. Although Yelp's recommendation software is not as complex as Google's there are still many factors that go into why one business will rank higher than another in the organic results. This product only tracks rankings but you can speak with one of our dedicated Yelp experts to understand how to improve your Yelp rankings or get involved in Yelp CPC ads if so desired.

Q: Will you track my Yelp customer reviews?

We do offer Reputation Management and Review Monitoring Services separately, if that is something you're interested in, however, it is not provided with our Yelp Rank Tracking Reporting Service described above.

Q: Why track rankings on Yelp? Isn't Google more important?

It depends on the type of business and how far the customer is in the purchase journey. Typically Yelp visitors are much closer to a purchase than those perusing the search results of Google. Yelp reaches an average of 41 million unique monthly visitors in the US making it the 9th most visited website in the US. Ideally, your business will rank well in both Google and Yelp but neither can be ignored, and for some industries such as, say, dentistry, home services, or restaurants, Yelp is an essential part of their business.

Q: Do you offer weekly or daily tracking?

Not yet, but if that's something you're interested in, email us at info@circulationstudio.com. We may be able to custom packages that fit your needs.

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