Circulation Studio

Since 2011... has it really been that long?!

Circulation Studio was formed in the summer of 2011 when three friends decided to turn their unpaid, hobby web design projects (mostly music-related) into something more formal and professional. The name Circulation Studio was chosen to represent the interconnectivity of the various digital channels (the circulation) as well as the creativity one finds and develops in the studio, needed to design and navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

All three principles come from diverse backgrounds of study and professional life , not web design or or development backgrounds. We feel this gives us an advantage over the many digital marketing firms who have spent too much time focused on the technology, rather than building relationships and understanding each client's unique business goals and perspectives. It's true that digital marketing has specific tools and strategies, and can often feel like chasing a rabbit down a hole but fundamentally business is about the connections between people, trust and demonstrating value.

We've come a long way since 2011. Remembering our first paid project: a $200 custom WordPress website for a beautician in Costa Mesa, CA. After nearly a month of blood, sweat, tears and what equated to earning what worked out to about one dollar per hour(!), our first project was complete and the rest is history. For the last decade we've worked on dozens of websites of all shapes, sizes and industries... and although it sometimes feels like we're still earning a dollar per hour, we love what we do.

Our Mission

To help small-to-medium sized businesses, charities & non-profits effectively share their voice online in an efficient & respectful way.

Meet the Circulation Studio Team

Meet the digital marketing specialists at Circulation Studio

Steve Lepore

SEO Strategist

Steve graduated from the University of California Irvine with degrees in History and in Literary Journalism. His focus now is to help small businesses succeed on the web. When he's not working or traveling he enjoys reading, camping and playing ice hockey.

Brian Seymour

Design and Development

The music of a beautiful cellist calmed the home on a warm summer evening where Brian was writing his short bio. A cool breeze, exactly the right temperature, was felt through the window prompting a smile as he reached for a nearby glass of wine … the bio was completed sooner than expected.

Apologies. True story.

Connor Olson

Digital Marketing

Connor graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His focus is now on SEO, analytics, and web design. Outside of work he enjoys hiking and playing basketball.


[sur-kyuh-ley-shuh n] -verb 1. An act or instance of circulating, moving in a circuit or flowing.

Our designs rest on the principle of connectivity within the digital age. The average web surfer often does not go directly to a website, but rather they arrive there.


[stoo-dee-oh] -noun 1. An artist’s workroom. A place where creations are born.

The terms Firm, Productions, Company etc. do not jive with our designs, so we prefer the word studio that encompasses our creative and artistic impulses.

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For nearly a decade we have built strategic partnerships (and we're not afraid to share).

Working in the field digital marketing field for over a decade you meet and work with a number of freelancers, agencies and firms from all over the world that provide various levels of support to their customers and partners. Some prove to be more effective and reliable than others. Here are a few of our hand-picked partners that we feel comfortable recommending for their outstanding service and attention to detail.

We Are Certified Google Partners

Circulation Studio is proud to be a certified Google Partner. The program is designed to recognize digital marketing professionals and other internet marketing consultants and provide them with a special range of benefits training, industry research and access to periodic promotional codes, certifications and special events.

. . . and Yelp Advertising Partners

As authorized Yelp Partners, Circulation Studio is equipped to optimize your businesses' Yelp profile, run paid ads and deal directly with Yelp on your behalf to get you maximum exposure with minimal investment.

Giving Back Initiatives

A small part of this page, but a big part of what we're about. We've been blessed to be able to make a living working with great people from the comfort of our own desks. We feel it's important to carve out a portion of our day supporting others.