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Word of mouth has always been critical for businesses, but the digital era has taken it to the next level. Checking online reviews has become an integral part of how most consumers make decisions. Whether this is an advantage or a detriment, however, depends on how effectively you can control the conversation.

Simply put, it's our job to help you shape the way your business is perceived online. Our reputation management service can achieve this by focusing on three core elements: auditing existing reviews, attracting more new reviews, and responding to feedback as it's received. This multifaceted approach allows us to actively monitor and manage your presence on the web, ensuring you're always putting your best foot forward.

A graph tracking the expansion of online reviews aided by a reputation management service.


Review Auditing and Moderation

As the old adage says, a lie can travel around the world before the truth has even pulled its boots on. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, the same is often true of negative reviews. People are naturally more inclined to share — and occasionally even exaggerate or falsify — poor experiences, which can quickly create an unduly negative perception of your brand.

We're here to correct this imbalance. Our team conducts rigorous audits on platforms like Google and Yelp to identify any reviews that may be abusive, inauthentic, or otherwise invalid. While we can't delete troublesome reviews directly, we understand the most effective means of flagging them for removal. As an authorized Yelp Advertising Partner, we can also work closely with the Yelp support team to swiftly address problematic content.


Proven Review Generation Strategies

While negative reviews can damage your reputation, a lack of quality reviews can also affect how people view your business. Two-thirds of consumers say they distrust companies and products with limited feedback. This problem is especially acute when it comes to Yelp, Google, and other high-profile review sites, where users expect any reputable business to have an abundance of ratings and reviews. What's more, negative comments are more likely to become amplified when there are fewer total reviews.

Our experts will work with you to craft simple, effective review generation strategies that make sense for your business and industry. We'll help you attract, display and promote a steady stream of authentic reviews to establish credibility and gain invaluable social proof. This ensures prospective customers who research your company online will find the feedback they need to feel confident and reassured.


Active Reputation Management

Responding to online reviews is one of the best ways to earn trust and take charge of the conversation, but timing and tactfulness are imperative. When a customer leaves unflattering feedback, a quick and appropriate response can often lessen the blow to your reputation. It may even allow you to resolve the situation altogether, converting an unhappy customer into a potential advocate. Likewise, replying thoughtfully to positive reviews can engender more goodwill and encourage others to leave their own feedback.

Of course, this takes time that many businesses simply don't have. Our reputation management services include active, ongoing review monitoring and management. When people leave new reviews for your business, whether positive or negative, we'll help you answer them in an appropriate and timely manner. We'll also ensure that your messaging is clear, consistent, and transparent across reviews and platforms. This engagement demonstrates that you take customer service seriously and are committed to delivering a positive experience.

When you control the digital conversation, you have the power to influence how the world sees you. Are online reviews helping to burnish your reputation or calling your credibility into question? With Circulation Studio's reputation management expertise, you can avoid the pitfalls of negative feedback and start building a positive web presence that sets your business apart.

An average star rating of 3.38 is displayed through a reputation management software tool.
Using an iPad, someone accesses a reputation management service to view online reviews.
A reputation management software monitoring tool displaying a pie chart of star ratings.
A mobile phone with an integrated customer review icon for reputation management.

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