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Free Websites for Charities & Non-Profits

We are pleased to announce our Full Circle initiatives, aimed at supporting charity and non-profit organizations throughout the world that do good for others by providing free websites and consulting.

About Full Circle

Circulation Studio is proud to offer as part of our Full Circle initiate free websites, coaching, and ongoing support to organizations that help others.

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Over the years we've built dozens of successful websites for profit. Now we are putting those years of refining web design and development skills to work for a greater cause.

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The organizations we support need more than just great websites. As part of our Full Circle initiative, we provide ongoing coaching and consulting on your digital strategy.

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Support can come in a variety of different ways and we don't plan to abandon the organizations we work with. From ongoing consulting to website enhancements, we'll be there!

Our Mission

Our mission with our Full Circle initiative is to leverage our digital marketing expertise to change the world for the better. We have established a charity program to create websites for groups that promote animals, the environment, and less fortunate people as part of this commitment.

Our objective is to give these organizations the instruments and assets they require to contribute to their communities and beyond. With our efforts, we want to strengthen and amplify the voices of people who toil nonstop to make the world a better place for everyone.

People, Animals and the Earth

We are committed to supporting those who help the less fortunate, preserve the environment, or save animals.

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Web Design & Consulting for Charity

What is included in our Full Circle charity initiatives? We provide a range of free web design and consulting services to charities and non-profits to ensure they have the tools and resources to be successful.

Web Design & Hosting

Free Website Design and Development

Hosting Free of Charge for 2 Years

Contact Forms and Donation Tools

Events Listings and Calendars

Graphic and Logo Design Help

Strategy and Consulting

Website Structure Strategy and Planning

Content Development and Strategy

Consulting on Social Media Strategy

Help Picking a Domain

Ongoing Marketing Support and Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Full Circle Initiative was launched in 2023 and is still early in its development. You have questions and we probably will, too. Our aim is transparency and simply to put some good back into the world so there will likely be some flexibility in our approach and communication. But here we offer a few general guidelines and FAQs to get the ball rolling!

Why did you create the Full Circle Program?

We've been building websites for profit since 2011 and over that time have developed a range of digital design and marketing skills. Our team has grown and our process has improved so now we've decided to put some of that expertise to good use by supporting organizations that don't yet have the resources to invest in their digital marketing strategy.

What types and sizes of websites are you offering?

Currently, we are only able to support organizations looking for small informational sites of 10-20 pages total, that do not require special, custom development or e-commerce websites. The sites we do build will include photos, videos, text, contact forms etc. but we can't build you, for example, the next Facebook or Uber application.

Can any organization apply?

At the current moment, we are choosing to narrow our focus to three core causes: Organizations that help the environment, help animals, or underserved communities. If your organizing falls outside of these categories we still invite you to contact us to see how we can help, or follow us on social media to know when new programs are announced.