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They've been around for a few years but not much is written about how to properly optimize your bussiness' Yelp Portfolios. In this article, Circulation Studio walks you through exactly what are Yelp portfolios, how to set one up and how you can create project photos that look great not only within the portfolio but also across all areas that Yelp might display them.

Yelp is a powerful platform for expanding the reach and profile of your business, but it's not without its share of quirks. In particular, the platform's approach to filtering honest customer reviews can cause some real consternation. When success driving leads from potential customers depends largely on your ability to build up reviews, why would the review platform decide to filter some of them out? More importantly, what, if anything, can you do to stop it?

If you own or operate a small business, you probably don't need much of an introduction to Yelp. With a huge user base and excellent brand recognition, it's one of the best places for businesses to connect with customers. Setting up a free profile to collect organic traffic is a no-brainer for virtually any business, but what if you want more? Does Yelp advertising deliver enough value to warrant becoming a paying member?