What is a Yelp

Enhanced Profile?

When working with Yelp Partners, businesses get access to an Enhanced Profile. What does an enhanced profile and mean and why should you care? Read below to find out.

3 Benefits of an Enhanced Profile


Photo And Video Customization

With a free Yelp page you can add photos to your page but with an Enhanced Profile, you can choose their specific order. Considering consumers regularly add photos to Yelp business pages to share their experiences, it’s nice to have the control to show your potential customers what you want them to see first. Not to mention, the photos rotate in a slideshow. This feature lets you bring your brand to your page and show it off.


Remove Competitor Ads

The great majority of free Yelp pages have competitor ads in the center and ads are also served on the side and bottom of business pages. These ads are from similar businesses that advertise on Yelp. These competitors are paying to be featured on your business page. Removing these ads makes people less likely to click off your page and more likely to choose your business.


Customized Call to Action (CTA) Button

With an Enhanced Profile you can add a Call to Action button (CTA) that gets prominently featured on your page. It’s essentially a banner that makes it easy and simple for consumers to take a secondary step. For example, a gym might have a CTA that reads “1-Week Free Trial – Learn More.” Upon clicking ‘Learn More’ consumers can be taken straight to the gym website to fill out a form for a trial pass.

Ultimately, the true value of a Call to Action button is catching a customer’s eye. If you want your customers to take a specific step or you’d like to drive a specific service, a prominent call to action will work to convert those visiting your page. And when working with a certified Yelp Partner such as Circulation Studio, you'll have access to advanced tracking and reporting features for your CTA and overall advertising spend.

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